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Trợ giúp

I. General questions before coming to Vietnam


  • Are there any restrictions on photography in Vietnam?
  • Can I buy antiques in Vietnam?
  • How can I take large items home with me – furniture or paintings, for example?
  • Are there Internet facilities in Vietnam?
  • The artist you took me to was wonderful. I want to give him a gift. Any ideas?
  • I am from the United States. Will I face any hostility because of the war?
  • What is the attitude towards drugs in Vietnam?

Getting Around

  • Is it possible to stay overnight on boat in Halong bay? Could you please describe it?
  • Can I ride a motorbike in Vietnam?
  • Is car rental valued per hour or per kilometers?
  • Can I drive a car in Vietnam?
  • What should I do in order to book tour with Easytour travel?
  • What includes in the car rental?
  • Can I travel freely in Vietnam?
  • Can I go kayaking on Halong Bay?
  • Is it safe to ride a motorcycle in Vietnam?
  • Can I go kayaking from Catba island?
  • What is your bike type?
  • Can you arrange a biking tour in Vietnam?
  • What is the ability of the tour guide like?
  • Is there any free time in the tour ?


  • What can I do about jet lag?
  • What should we do about malaria ?
  • How will medical emergencies be dealt with?
  • What if I am hospitalized or become incapacitated?
  • What will happen if there is an emergency?
  • What is the main difference in the climate of Vietnam and that of my country?


  • Where can I change my currency for local currency?
  • Can I use a credit card to get cash in Vietnam?
  • Can I pay by credit card in Vietnam?
  • What is the payment method for the balance ?
  • What if I have a lot of local currency left over when I leave?
  • What is the payment method for deposit?
  • What about travellers’ cheques?

Food and drink

  • What do you serve if I am a vegetarian?
  • How to book a cheap air tickets to Vietnam?
  • Can we book air tickets through Easytour Travel?
  • How to buy air tickets to Vietnam?

Answer - General questions before coming to Vietnam

Getting Around
 Q. Can I in Vietnam?
A. Yes, you can travel freely in Vietnam. There’s some sensible places ( near the border ) you need to apply for permission before visiting. You had better contact our office for any instruction, or you can book part of the services through our company like car rental or hotel. The other you can pay by your self.

 Q. Can I ride a in Vietnam?
A. Yes, you can ride a motorbike if you have motor bike driving license. You had better learn about the area before. Or you can rent our tour guide to go with you.

 Q. Is it safe to ride a in Vietnam?
A. No,it isn’t . Many Vietnamese people don’t have proper knowledge and awareness of the traffic law. Road condition is bad and dusty. You had better take a ride on a short segment below 50 km. The rest you can use the car to continue the trip.

 Q. Can I in Vietnam?
A. Yes, you can. it is recommended for you to rent a car in Tourist company . It’s safe. And you can have thoughtful care from the driver. Tourists who are not used to the traffic in Vietnam find it difficult to drive.

 Q. Is car rental valued per hour or per ?
Car rental is valued per km and time. We can provide you exact the costs on the scheduled itineraries. 

 Q. What includes in the ?
Car rental includes tax, gas, toll fees, driver’s personal expenses.

 Q. What should I do in order to book tour with ?
A. After an agreement on the tour program and quotation, you confirm your booking for the tour by paying deposit.
We requires 20% of the total amount as deposit. The balance will be settled upon your arrival Vietnam. After receiving it, we proceed all the bookings and send you final confirmation soonest.
Further, we could scan all the hotel confirmations and air tickets to keep your mind on the itineraries and better understanding.

 Q. Is it possible to stay in Halong bay? Could you please discribe it?
Yes, definitely. The junk have 5- 7 rooms, bathroom ensuite. Each rooms have twin beds or double bed, fan, toilet, hot water. Air conditioning in the room is available at your request. Each junk have dining room and sitting room ( 20 – 30 m2). You can go the the upper bunk for sightseeing or sunbathing.
We guarantee the hygiene and good services on the boat.

 Q. Can I go ?
A. Yes, you can go kayaking following the 1, 2 or 3 days tours from Hanoi. We have composite kayaks and professional guide available.

 Q. Can I go island?
A. yes, We can arrange 1 day kayaking and swimming on Lan Ha bay.

 Q. Can you arrange a in Vietnam?
Yes, we can. It depends on your demands, we can arrange short biking tour in and arround Hanoi, Hue, Saigon or biking tour throughout Vietnam.
We can arrange biking tour guide to go with you. We also arrange a minibus, if you don’t want to cycle, you can use the minibus instead.

 Q. What is your ?
The bikes are new and nice . They have 21 gears. Any way, you can bring your own bike with you.

 Q. What is the ability of the like?
A. Our tour guides are experienced, with National Certificate from National Tourism Board.
- Tour guides are always received good feedback from our customers.

 Q. Is there any in the tour ?
yes, but not many. Usually after dinner. You can request more free time for shopping.

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